When you first hear this word, the immediate thought is that it has something to do with law. Who hasn’t heard of the presumption of innocence? However, the word is more broadly related to our lives. Many of us sometimes suffer more from presumption than actual facts. Let me give you an example. A week … More Presumption


We all habitually prefer balance. The lack of it in physical sense is scary and discomforting. The lack of it mentally is every person’s secret nightmare. No one wants to go bonkers. But even if we take a more “balanced” view of the term “balance,” most of us would rather have it or something approximating … More Balance


On a daily basis, we are all confronted with many decisions: what project to work on, what strategy or lesson plan to adopt in teaching a particular topic, whom to ask for help, whom to help, what to do with an hour and a half  that we have after returning from work and before dinner, … More Decisions

Writing Daily

I heard from an old friend, a classmate from my MFA program, on Facebook today. He is a sharp and smart guy, also decent and straightforward. Years ago, he gave me a piece of writing advice that I took and ran: out of it came my MFA thesis, a novel. Today, he unintentionally gave me another advice, … More Writing Daily