A Welcome Open-Minded and Balanced Article about Iran

It is unusual to read an article about Iran in American media that offers an open-minded and balanced view of the country. Here is one. To be fair, the article mostly avoids getting into issues involving tensions with the west. Even so, it’s a welcome different perspective, perhaps a sign of a thaw in Iran’s … More A Welcome Open-Minded and Balanced Article about Iran

Great Blue Heron

Went on a hunch to the wetland behind the campus lake and was rewarded with a clear sight of a great blue heron. The bird looked gray, rather than blue. Only when it opened its wings did one see a blue border on both wings. It perched on a small tree, its long and slender … More Great Blue Heron

Gave Up Facebook

I closed my Facebook association. Didn’t delete the account but decided that I had had enough of it for the past few years. I have a number of things I should be working on during this vacation. As anyone who is or has taught in higher education knows, once the semester starts there’s no time … More Gave Up Facebook

No Guarantees

It is a cliché that we have all heard. Life comes with no guarantees. Yet many of us remember times when we conveniently forget this phrase and begin to expect results that we want, simply because we want them. Remembering the phrase is a good way to keep working, doing things we love, regardless of … More No Guarantees

Violence of Words

I first heard this metaphor from an elderly lady involved in social work. She had a variety of life experiences and talked with genuine conviction and compassion. I had gone to interview her for a research project. When she connected the word “violence” to words, her point seemed to me as largely theoretical, even a … More Violence of Words